Shou Sugi Ban Square Wooden Drawer Knobs - Japanese Wood Charred Drawer Knobs

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These square wooden drawer knobs have a story to tell. The knobs are made of reclaimed cedar and were charred using an old Japanese technique, Shou Sugi ban. First the wood is charred with a blow torch. After cooling down the charring is removed with wire brushes, leaving a blackening of the wood that reveals clean, distinct lines and an inherent textural beauty. Each knob is unique.

The knobs are finished with an environmental friendly clear protective coat.

- Measurements: 42 x 42 x 32mm - 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.25 inch
- Hardware is attached to the back. You can pick silver or antique brass finish
- This listing is for one drawer knob
- if you need more knobs than currently available contact me for delivery times
- Customization is possible (stain, different size)