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  • Octopus Knob in Antique Brass

    - Use as drawer knobs, cabinet knobs, wardrobe knobs, furniture knobs, bi-fold door knobs etc- made of metal with a brass finish- 59 x 56 x 22mm / 2.25 x...
  • Octopus Knob in Silver

    Who doesn't want this octopus drawer knob installed on a dresser or bathroom vanity!  This fun cabinet knob highlights one of the world′s most brilliant creatures and will be the...
  • Cicada Knob in Antique Brass

    - Use as drawer knobs, cabinet knobs, wardrobe knobs, furniture knobs, bi-fold door knobs etc.- Material: brass toned metal- Measurements: 60 x 35 x 22mm / 2 1/4 inch- A...
  • Brass Mother of Pearl Knob

    A vintage-style brass drawer knob with an inlay of shimmering mother-of-pearl in gold tone metal. - mother of pearl, gold tones metal- Measurements: 40 x 40 x 25mm - 1.5...
  • Starfish Drawer Knob in Silver with Dots

    Nature-lovers have long marveled at the beautiful star of the sea, with their graceful movements. Wild starfish can have anywhere between four and twelve arms, but most, like our traditional...
  • Cicada knob in SIlver

    The hum of a cicada’s wings is a beautiful sound. For anyone who doesn’t mind bugs “crawling” on your cabinets or dresser, these detailed drawer knobs are for you! You...
  • Silver Mother of Pearl Knob

    This beautiful drawer knob has a silver base and an inlay of mother of pearl. This is a very popular cabinet knob and is sold out quickly once in stock....
  • Antique Brass Sleeping Fox Knob

    The fox drawer knob is a perfect addition to your woodland themed room. It is cute for a nursery or use it at the cottage. The cabinet knob is very...
  • Brass Pearl Knobs Diamond and Loops

    This beautiful abalone drawer knob has a gold base and an inlay of mother of pearl. These classy drawer knobs will give a sophisticated look to tired furniture. - mother...
  • Anchor Knob

    This anchor drawer knob is perfect to add to your nautical decor or use it in a nautical nursery. Changing knobs on dressers and cabinets, is an easy way to...
  • Drawer Knob Fawn in Antique Brass

    This cute little deer drawer knob is perfect for a woodland themed room or it can be a fun accent piece at the cottage. The fawn cabinet knob is made...
  • Gold Bee Knob

    Have this Bee knob buzzing on your drawer or cabinet fronts. This fun drawer knob is made of metal and has a golden finish. Very sturdy knob and a quick...
  • Black White Pearl Mosaic Knob

    This stunning drawer knob has a wooden base. On the top is a layer of mother of pearl shells in beige, white, black and gray tones. Swapping Knobs can make...
  • Skull Knob in Antique Brass

    Adorn a dresser, desk, nightstand, or bathroom cabinet with these doubloon shaped pirate drawer knobs featuring a skull and ancient symbols. The cabinet knobs are made of metal and have...
  • Elephant Knob in Silver

    These elephant cabinet knobs will bring one of the world′s most majestic creatures into your home! Elephants are the largest land mammals, known for their docile appearance and fierce loyalty....
  • Dachshund Knob in Antique Brass

    My moms favorite dog. the dachshund! Give these dachshund drawer knobs as a gift or use them in your own home. They are fun and easy to install.- Material: Antique...

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