Seahorse Knob in Silver

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Seahorses are one of the few creatures where the male is responsible for carrying the eggs in a pouch on his tummy until they hatch! They are also not great swimmers; males rarely stray more than a meter away from their home. These drawer knobs featuring one of the cutest sea creatures would look great on a dresser or cabinet in a nautical themed room or at a beach house!

Also available in brass:

Length: 60mm ( 2 7/8 inch)
Width: 30mm
Projection: 22mm (7/8 inch)

A 8/32 1 inch machine screw is included. If you need longer or shorter screws please mention this with your order.

The drawer knob is installed with a screw inserted through the back of the screw hole of the drawer front or cabinet door. The knob is attached to the front. The included screws are a standard size and will fit 3/4 inch thick drawers and cabinet doors.

You can adjust the quantity you need in your shopping cart. If you need more drawer knobs than currently available, please contact me and I will inform you about availability and delivery times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review