Red ceramic Pumpkin Drawer Knob with Crystal Flower Top

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Add flair to any dresser, nightstand, or cabinet with these gorgeous, glossy red drawer knobs! The pumpkin-shaped furniture knobs in a bright strawberry red are perfectly complemented by a silver flower and seven crystals. The solid coloring would look great on a nightstand next to a patterned bedspread or curtain! They would also work fantastically as cabinet knobs to freshen up a kitchen!

I can customize this knob with different color crystals or embellishments.

Color: Red, Silver
Size: 42mm ( 1 5/8 inch)
Projection: 46mm (1 7/8 inch)
Hardware: 8/32 1 inch machine screw is included
Use: drawer knobs, cabinet knobs, furniture knobs, jewelry racks

A 8/32 1 inch machine screw is included. If you need longer or shorter screws please mention this with your order.

The drawer knob is installed with a screw inserted through the back of the screw hole of the drawer front or cabinet door. The knob is attached to the front. The included screws are a standard size and will fit 3/4 inch thick drawers and cabinet doors.

You can adjust the quantity you need in your shopping cart. If you need more drawer knobs than currently available, please contact me and I will inform you about availability and delivery times.