Red Burnt Wood Floating Display Box

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Handmade floating wooden box for decoration purposes. This box is made using a technique called shou sugi ban. The wooden box is stained in a glossy red and finished with three layers of varnish. You can use the box as a display for whatever you choose. This size will hold up to 4 1L Mason Jars. Measures roughly 18 x 5 x 6 inch.
The inside of the box is painted black, and is hung with key hole slots on the back side. (comes with screws and drywall plugs)

*Shou sugi ban is an old Japanese wood burning technique. First the wood is burnt heavily and then cleaned. This leaves the wood with a very rich texture and exposed grain. We either leave the wood natural or color it, depending on your preference.
To protect the wood it is sealed with three coats of environmental friendly varnish. Each box is unique!

Please be aware that the box is custom made for you and will not be exactly the same as the box from the picture. Each piece of wood is truly unique.

We are happy to make a custom project for you, please contact us and let us know what your are looking for.

**decorative items (jars, plants and the like) are not included. This listing is for the Box only.