Mortise Ceramic Door Knob in Gray with White Dots - Ceramic Interior Door Knob Gray and White

Regular price $27.50

These cute hand painted ceramic gray mortise door knobs are easy to install and will change the look of a room instantly. On the knob are hand painted white dots. The ceramic knobs are for interior doors. The knobs will look pretty on an entrance or closet door for a little girl.

Measurements: 2.25 inch (55mm) in diameter and projection is 2.75 inch (65mm)
You will receive 2 knobs (front and back), a spindle for attachment and screws to fasten the knob on the door. You can use it to replace an existing handle or knob.

The silver metal base has 3 screw holes for attachment to the door, the base has a 2.5 inch diameter (60mm). If your door has the holes cut out already, please make sure the door knobs will fit.