Ceramic Drawer Knobs - Cabinet Knobs - Decorative Knobs in Grey with Embossed dots in white

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Whenever you’re feeling blue, these fun drawer knobs are sure to brighten your day! These cabinet knobs would look great on a bathroom vanity, or on the drawers of your desk! Also perfect for a nautical nursery. The dots remind me of sea urchins. The white dots are embossed.

Color: grey, White,
Size: 43mm ( 1 5/8 inch)
Projection: 30 mm (1 1/8 inch)
Hardware: backplate, crown, bolt, washer and screw (included)
Use: drawer knobs, cabinet knobs, furniture knobs, jewelry racks

The last picture shows several ways to install the ceramic knobs. You can install them with or without the crown and you can flip the back plate to make the knob project more from the drawer.

This listing is for one drawer knob. You can adjust the quantity in your shopping cart. If you need more drawer knobs than currently available, please contact me and I will inform you about availability and delivery times.