Bohemian Wooden Drawer Knob with Colorful Beads - Beaded Drawer Knob

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These cute wooden drawer knobs are decorated with fun colored beads. The base of the knob is cone shaped and the beads are placed in circles. Give your furniture some bohemian flair with these eye catching drawer knobs. The knobs are hand made and natural materials have been used. No knob is exactly the same.

Material: Wood, beads
Color: brown, pink, green, blue
Diameter: 1.5 inch - 40mm
Projection: 1.0 inch (26 mm)
Screw: a bolt is attached to the knob, the drawer knob are tightened with a bolt on the back.
Length bolt: 1.5 inch - 40mm
Use: drawer knobs, cabinet knobs, furniture knobs, jewelry racks, wall hooks
This listing is for one drawer knob