Bat Drawer Knob in Brass

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Bring these amazing creatures into your home with our charming metal bat-shaped drawer knobs! Bats, the underrated guardians of the night, symbolize death and rebirth. These are the only mammals capable of really flying and use incredible echolocation techniques to catch insects mid-air. They are often spotted overhead on warm summer nights in wooded areas. These fun drawer knobs are perfect for bat lovers, or anyone who appreciates the delightfully spooky!

Length: 75mm
Width: 30mm
Projection: 22mm (7/8 inch)

A 8/32 1 inch machine screw is included. If you need longer or shorter screws please mention this with your order.

The drawer knob is installed with a screw inserted through the back of the screw hole of the drawer front or cabinet door. The knob is attached to the front. The included screws are a standard size and will fit 3/4 inch thick drawers and cabinet doors.

You can adjust the quantity you need in your shopping cart. If you need more drawer knobs than currently available, please contact me and I will inform you about availability and delivery times.