Ceramic Pumpkin Shaped Drawer Knobs - Furniture Knobs

If your style isn’t all straight lines and tidy corners, you can round things out by updating your furniture with these pumpkin-shaped knobs. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that will add interest to any space. With their bright designs and comfortable grip, these knobs would make the perfect quick update for plain kitchen cabinets or an upcycled cupboard. Switching out your existing dresser knobs for polished ceramic pumpkin knobs is an easy do-it-yourself upgrade that will set your home apart!

Ceramic Drawer Knobs Cabinet Knobs blue with white dots
Sale price $4.50 Regular price $5.75 Sale
Black Melon Ceramic Drawer Knob
Sale price $4.25 Regular price $5.25 Sale
Ceramic Drawer Knobs with blue pattern
Sale price $4.50 Regular price $5.75 Sale