Brass Metal Drawer Knobs and Cabinet Knobs

If you’re looking for the solid, cool feel of metal furniture knobs but are going for an antique look, brass toned drawer knobs might be perfect for your home. The collection of brass-toned cabinet knobs featured at DaRosa Creations is sure to provide the quick, fun upgrade that your cabinets or dressers have been waiting for. Match your cupboard’s knobs to your cherished antiques, or upgrade your bathroom with your favorite shapes and patterns. Easy-to-install handmade brass knobs can transform your furniture from ordinary to extraordinary!


Arrow Drawer Knobs - Arrow Cabinet Knobs in Brass
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Bat Drawer Knobs in Brass
Regular price $8.00
Decorative Bird Drawer Knobs
Regular price $4.25
Brass Butterfly Drawer Knob
Regular price $3.75
Brass Drawer Knob with Skull
Regular price $3.50
Elephant dresser knobs in brass
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Brass Elephant Drawer Knobs
Sale price $5.75 Regular price $6.50 Sale
Brass Seahorse Drawer Knobs
Regular price $5.00